Clippard Air Jets

  • Clippard Air Jets are designed to deliver a concentrated flow of air or liquid to a 
     specific location
  • Corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel available in #10-32 male,
    #10-32 female, 1/8-27 NPT up to 200 psig
  • Temperature range 0 to 82°C
  • Variety of nozzles, bases and mounting hardware


Clippard Electronic Valves

  • Clippard Electronic Valves are quiet and quick
  • Low power coil uses only 0.67 watts. Standard voltage include 12 & 24 VDC
     (other voltages available on request)
  • Small size makes them well suited to a wide range of applications in biomedical, environmental
     test equipment, packaging machinery, computerised industrial automation and portable systems 


Clippard Manual & Air Piloted Valves

  • Preferred choice for miniature and sub-miniature pneumatic applications
  • Toggle, Button, Cam & Pneumatic Actuated Valves
  • Check Valves, Needle Valves, Exhaust Valves, Shuttle Valves
  •  Amplifiers, Regulators, Sensors, Electric Switches


Clippard Modular Valves

  • Many valving systems require a considerable amount of piping, tubing & fittings to create the
    necessary circuitry 
  • Clippard clear acrylic pneumatic circuit boards simplify assembly, reduce piping and save on assembly costs 
  • A number of fully assembled pneumatic modules are available including Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down;
     Binary Redirect and Oscilitating Circuits


Clippard Cylinders

  • Clippard cylinders are of the finest quality available and are fully tested for outstanding performance
     and long life
  • Stainless steel, brass and corrosion-resistant models are available in 12 bore sizes
    from 5/32" to 3" with strokes up to 40"
  • Cylinder Features


Clippard Fittings

  • For ease of construction of pneumatic logic control and fluid power systems, you will find the
    Clippard line an extensive choice of useful fittings
  • Clippard fittings are designed for the greatest flexibility, practical usefulness and for savings in
    time, cost and space


Clippard Tubing

  • Clippard offers a variety of miniature hose & tubing including coloured polyurethane ribbon tubing