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AKO are the European market leader for pneumatically actuated pinch valves. AKO also supply manually operated pinch valves. AKO pinch valves handle a wide range of media and are very useful for controlling abrasive, fibrous and corrosive media. AKO’s pinch valves are used in a variety of industrial sectors such as chemical, foodstuffs, pulp & paper, meat processing, waste water treatment, minerals handling, cement, sand and silo engineering.


AK Muller

AK Muller manufactures a wide range of solenoid valves particularly for OEM applications with an emphasis on plastic body solenoid valves for sanitary, vending, medical, white goods, food and heating & cooling markets.



Clippard Minimatic® is the pneumatic industry's most complete supplier of quality, miniature pneumatic components. The Minimatic® line includes pneumatic valves & cylinders, fittings & tubing, modular components, push buttons, stainless steel cylinders, solenoid valves and pre-piped manifold sub plates. Clippard products are used in a broad range of markets including industrial, food & beverage, packaging, medical equipment, animation, oil, gas and mining.



CPC is the leading provider of Quick Disconnect Couplings for industrial, food & beverage, biopharmaceutical, medical and chemical markets.
Used in a broad range of applications, coupler connection technologies from CPC allow hose & tubing to be quickly and safely connected and disconnected, reducing spills and increasing safety.

Eldon James
Eldon James manufactures a diverse line of plastic fittings and flexible tubing. The fittings are manufactured in Nylon, Polypropylene, HDPE, PVDF, Polycarbonate, Crystal Vu and Stainless Steel using a superior single barb design. EJ’s BioMed division specialises in cleanroom manufacturing of fittings and flexible tubing for life sciences, biomedical, pharmaceutical and similar critical use applications. EJ fittings serve a broad range of applications including automotive, marine & aviation, industrial, chemical, agricultural, pure water applications, food & beverage, ink jet printing and scientific instrument devices.



GSR's core competency is in the development of special solenoid valve solutions for customers particularly in high pressure and high temperature applications. In addition to more than 3000 special valves GSR offer an extensive product range of solenoid valves, air actuated valves, motor-driven valves and accessories.



Leda Extrusions is a manufacturer of flexible & semi rigid pneumatic, beverage and chemical tubing in LDPE, Nylons 11 & 12, Polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar®), PVC & EVA.


Tygon / Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers the world’s largest selection of polymer hose & tube products available in the industry from one manufacturer. With well known brand names like Tygon® you can count Saint-Gobain's sound reputation for technologically advanced product solutions. Saint-Gobain hose and tubing is designed for use in a wide variety of applications including chemical processing, water treatment, instrumentation, industrial, compressed gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, life sciences, OEM and peristaltic pump applications.



Tefen manufacture plastic fittings for hose and tube. Tefen fittings are available in Acetal, Nylon & Glass Reinforced Polypropylene and are widely used in pneumatic, agri/horticultural, chemical and water handling applications. Tefen also manufacture a range of safety air blow guns, spray guns and couplings.