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Plastic Fittings - Chemical Resistance Tables

Check the chemical compatibiity for your chemical, fluid etc against various plastics
 Plastic Fittings - Chemical Resistance Tables 


Plastic Fittings - Plastic Properties

Gain some general knowledge on the properties of various plastics
Plastic Fittings - Plastic Properties 


Pneumatics - Common Conversion Tables

Some common conversion factors encountered in pneumatics
Pneumatics - Common Conversion Tables 


Pneumatics - Introduction to Pneumatics

Take a look at a basic introduction to pneumatic control systems
Pneumatics - Introduction to Pneumatics 


Understanding ANSI & ISO Pneumatic Fluid Power Symbols

Understand symbols used in pneumatic & fluid power circuits & data sheets
Pneumatics - Understanding ANSI & ISO Pneumatic Fluid Power Symbols 


PDF’s compliments of Eldon James Corp, Clippard Instrument Laboratory and The Fluid Power Educational Foundation.


How to choose the right Fitting or Quick Disconnect Coupler

With so many connection options, it can difficult to determine which connector is best suited for a specific application. By understanding
your application requirements and selecting the correct connection type, you can achieve better performance and sealing results.

Assessing the Application read more
Determining Connection Type read more
Material Option read more
O-Ring Selection read more

Pressure, temperature, chemical type and concentration as well as operating environment can affect the performance of a connection.
If you need further assistance in determining fitting or coupling suitability please Contact Us.